Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Journal Entry

Stefan Sagmeister's "Yes Design Can Make You Happy" talk touches on a few things that pertain to happiness. He starts off with how you need to be happy and content while you design. He also talks about different painting exhibitions that all help with the visualization of happiness. He made me realize how fast happiness can spread. Stefan's outlook on design and talk was very sincere and entertaining. I thought his main message was if you have the opportunity to make someone happy, why wouldn't you jump to it?
List from "How Good is Good?"
1. Strive for happiness2. Don’t hurt anybody
3. Help, others achieve the same

Now I would change that priority:

1. Help others
2. Don’t hurt anybody
3. Strive for happiness

Art Grandeur Nature. Stefan Sagmeister. 2004

I liked how the article mentioned what good things design is capable to unify, help us remember, simplify, make the world a safer place, better someone, inform and teach, raise money for non profit organizations, and build tolerance.

He really broke things down and made excellent points about design and it made me realize to always keep those things in mind while designing because anyone will appreciate a design as long as they can benefit from it.

I also watched J.J. Abrams, The Mystery Box. I found that he was pretty funny and comical guy, so I liked listening to him. His take on the mystery box, which had to do with his grandfather, is that mystery is the reason for imagination.  He showed footage of his work from lost, the scene was really intense and traumatic, he explains it as his imagination creating the scene and how mystery creates an outcome. He also showed a scene from Jaws, he explained that building character comes from inside the mystery box. "The investment of character which is really the stuff that is from inside the box....look inside yourself and figure out what is inside you."

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michael selby said...

great quote.. i enjoyed his video as well