Sunday, April 5, 2009

Journal Entry

Rethinking Modernism, Revising Funtionalism, this article started out by talking about the fundamentals that she learned in undergraduate school, which were always relate form to function. Her next step she learned the term "this is very clean", which swept away clutter and confusion and brought up Modernism. By minimizing the past's visual outburst creates a Modernism because it is much more calm. An Overcoming Modernism, focused on how designers may have lost the consensus of what is a good design, because of all the confusion and questions about the myth of modernism. Different methods of teaching new graphic designers now has been changed a lot because of the better technology and computers, which can explain some of the confusion. No matter what as a student it is always important that you participate in the communication of the process. In Steven Heller's interview, he made a good point that graphic designers need to make sure that they are successfully communicating the message to the people to make a difference.  Design is to be an effective tool to convey information and messages.

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